Cheap Green Web Hosting For Environment – Top ECO friendly hosts

one should go with cheap Green web hosting. We hear more often words “Go Green” nowadays because of global warming. Companies are more emphasizing on this issue because of changing environmental conditions. Same goes for the IT industry as it becomes an essential part of our life but it consumes more energy as usage increases. Green web hosting is introduced to resolve this issue.

where I can get cheap green web hosting?

you can buy budget green web hosting services form the following providers.

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2. IXweb $3.95


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3. Netfirms $2.95


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4. Webhostpad $4.95


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5. Micfo $4.00


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6. Omnis $5.95


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7. Godaddy $5.94


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9 Webcom $7.20


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What is Green Web Hosting?

Green web hosting is an alternative to traditional hosting services. Many companies are taking initiative to replace their hosting services with this as it would reduce the impacts of energy on our environment.

A traditional web hosting services require a great deal of energy to run the data center. Internet connections, electronic security mechanism, fire suppression system and cooling controls are needed to run a web server that consumes lots of energy. You can imagine how much they affect our environment.

Because hosting providers generating there own energy through solar energy or other natural methods to produce energy. this makes it less expensive as compared to traditional hosting providers. that’s why it is best low cost green web hosting.  For Best Reseller Hosting you should read this post.
Green web hosting
Green web hosting services are used by many companies to reduce the damages in the last few years.

Off Setting the Carbon Emission:

Data centers emit carbon which damages the environment. The green web hosting services offset the carbon emission by the following approaches

RECs: Companies are purchasing renewable energy credits commonly known as renewable certificates to reduce the effects of energy. It means companies are buying renewable energy sources from electrical companies. It helps them to reduce emissions and reduce their dependence on non-renewable power.

Less Energy consumption: These companies are reducing the use of energy in their offices. These companies use fewer computers in offices or rely on machines to provide heat.
They are reducing the use of energy by using solar power; eliminate the use of papers and enforcing recycling policies. They emphasize on cutting down energy use in their employee’s home as well.

These companies are using efficient server hardware and back up power generator. These generators run on propane gas instead of diesel fuel. Some companies are generating their own renewable energy.

Give Back to the Earth

Another approach these companies are taking to reduce carbon emission is that they give back to the earth by planting one tree with every package sold. It sounds very small effort but if a company has a high volume of clientele then you can imagine how much their effort can make on our environment.

Is Green Webhosting Right for You?

As we know the environment is becoming more unstable as the times pass, so we need to control this by using eco-friendly hosting solution.

Green hosting services is a little bit expensive so it is very necessary to do your homework before going for these companies. Some companies are just claiming to capture a niche so make sure and search for real green web hosting companies

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