Why Godaddy rs 99 web hosting is a great choice for your first website?

We are covering Godaddy rs 99 web hosting in this article. As we all know that having a business website has countless advantages.  In India, those people who are well educated and running a business knows how much a website plays an important role. On the other, hand there is a group of people who want to host a website but they can afford that. Therefore rs 99 hosting GoDaddy is the cheapest web hosting deal in India. In case you are also looking to host a website whether it is going to be a business, e-commerce or blog. This hosting plan the cheap, reliable, fast and suitable for all type of websites.

Godaddy rs 99 web hosting

Pros of Godaddy rs 99 web hosting

  • It is an affordable and reliable hosting plan. Godaddy is one of the oldest hosting providers in the industry that provide 99% uptime in there all hosting plans.
  • Best for beginners
  • At this price, you have 30 GB of storage and unmetered bandwidth
  • There is always 24/7 monitoring and DDoS protection for the security of the website.
  • You can upgrade your server resources any time you want.
  • Easy to install the applications.
  • All time support from Godaddy.
  • Suitable for all types of websites

You can upgrade to there economy, deluxe and ultimate plan as per your needs. As the website grows in the future it is going to require more resources.


  • Can’t handle websites that are high in traffic
  • Server resources are limited
  • Security risks because it is shared hosting
  • You have to share your IP address

Should you buy rs 99 web hosting plan form Godaddy?

Our experts say that you should buy rupees 99 web hosting plan. If you are going to host a website for the first time. Or you are looking for a cheap web hosting plan. Because this hosting plan is best suitable for start-up websites that’s why we recommend you to try this hosting plan if you are in the search of affordable web hosting services. Otherwise, you must try there another hosting plan.

Godaddy rs 99 web hosting

how I can buy rs 99 web hosting service?

you can buy this hosting plan from their official Godaddy website but if you are looking to claim more discount on this hosting plan you must apply 99 GoDaddy coupons. it is great to see that Godaddy is providing such an affordable deal. You must buy their hosting plan and you can upgrade it later on.

People are taking the wrong decision when it comes to web hosting. You should always buy a cheap web hosting plan. Because at the start the website is low in traffic and does not require many resources. Hence it is a waste of money.

Therefore Godaddy is providing a great deal at this price range in India. Whether you are experimenting with websites or trying to build a blog, e-commerce, and business website. You can try this hosting plan.



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