10 Reasons To Choose Microsoft Advertising | Why Choose Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)?

In 2019, Bing ads are also known as Microsoft Advertising. Bing ads are a more effective online advertisement platform. You can promote your products & services with Bing ads. It can help to increase your website visitors through various types of ads service such as display ads, video ads.

Now, I’ll share with you, 10 Reasons to choose Microsoft advertising because Many Newbies want to use the Bings ads.

Bing is using by many internet users resulting from 12 billion search volume per month. But, now the second largest search engine over the internet.

Let’s have a look at the 10 Reasons to Choose Microsoft advertising

1. Instant Response

As soon as your Bing ads account is activated, your advertisement comes out to perform with your targeted audience.

2. Suitable Rate Of Interest

Bing ads have different CPC as AdWords. It makes not so many challenges with competitors because of other different audiences.

3. Multi-Device Targeting With Bing Ads

Bing ads give you a multi-devices targeting feature also. You can be targeting multi-devices such as desktop, mobile or tablet. Bing permits its users to target with different kinds of devices.

4. Demographic with Bing Ads

Bing ads have demographic features its feature allows reaching by age groups & male or female. It’s a significant benefit to your business.

5. Negative keyword targeting

This is a beneficial upgrade for an advertiser Bing permits its users to add negative keywords. Recently, this feature included in the Bing ads update.

Reason to choose Microsoft advertising

6. Advertising Cost 

You can advertise your business to the audience at affordable prices in Microsoft advertising. You can use Bing Ads promotional code and get more benefits.

7. The Growth Of Bing ads 

Day by day, Bing’s market shares are increasing in the new digital world. Bing has 168 million different searches. User is searching their queries on Bing search. Its search engine is 6.2 billion searches per month. It has 33% of the search engine market share. That means you can reach 33% of US costumers.

8. Import Adwords Campaign in Bing Ads

This feature is more useful for Google AdWords users.you can import your Google AdWords campaign into Bing ads. This feature can help you; kind of information is included like keywords, ad group, and your campaign.

9. Benefits For Bing On Windows 10

There are more beneficial for Bing ads with windows 10 desktop interface. Bing searches have more desktop reach, it makes sense to using Bing ads on the desktop can increase in audience growth across searches.

10. Access Bing Ads Campaign With On-The-Go

You can access the campaign on iOS & Android devices that mean you can handle your campaign on any devices and anywhere.


This blog post has mentioned all the major reasons to use Microsoft Advertising. This blog helps to give you the right information about Bing Ads. You can buy Bing Ads without any hassle.

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